Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Dogs, Deviated Septum

Democracy? Human rights? Raids
violent The Quiaca, under the "modus operandi" of the military dictatorship

On 26 January in the city of La Quiaca, have experienced the brutality of the police in the province Jujuy in the style of the military process , as if part of a government de facto.
home raids took place by order of the Trial Judge in Criminal Dr. Francisco Javier Arostegui and were accompanied by 200 troops from the capital of Jujuy, research brigade and infantry, under the responsibility of Commissioner General Jorge Ayarbe, police chief of the province of Jujuy.
At 5 am that day and in the dark, began operating quiaqueños raid on 32 homes, according to accounts from neighbors, s and made with a brutality and yet so violent action no wonder we left. The police, their faces covered, smashed the front doors and internal doors of homes. In most cases, without providing advance the search warrant, no witnesses or signed minutes of the property seized. elder abuse, children from two to thirteen years, adolescents and young transients, even sick and even a disabled person, taking them out of their beds half-naked, making them kneel on the floor or throwing them, pointing guns and weapons. And so, so, finished tied with seals and moving them to the police station. Checking course, in its entirety, had no criminal record. They were ordinary citizens. In addition, three specific cases, the wrong house.
Among the abuse can take away the following statements of persons concerned as

- "The Lady Subelza lives in a shack and has a disabled child with low vision and who can not speak. Your child is confused with a criminal, he was thrown to the ground and violently interrogated. The police, noticing the error, left the house. But serious psychological scars left in the family. " -" They killed the pet dog of the household of Mrs. Giardina. The animal did not allow the police entered the home, as they were breaking and destroying windows, door frames and locks. They forced her husband to his knees and handcuffed, in addition, the police took a bologna and cheese that was in the refrigerator. " - "Mr. Martínez sientió noise at the door and thought it was his neighbor. When is comes to the police, at gunpoint and reduced it. His wife told they were wrong and that the person was looking for two houses above. His children are scared and cry for a scene of violence that occurs. When taking it out on mobile handcuffed Mr. Martinez asked how to get to the police station because they did not know the road. When they realize that the search warrant does not appear Mr. Martinez and observed corrected by hand with biro the house number. Conclusion: raid wrong. " - "The raid of the home of Mrs. Coro was made when there was nobody at home. When she arrives with a surprise given that all this upset and thought to have been thieves. She goes to the bathroom in the house, since there had kept silver worth thirteen thousand dollars. Go to the police and made a complaint for theft of thieves. At that time the police do not tell that there had been a judicial search warrant. So when he returns home to warn the neighbors had been the police. Returns to the station to expand the complaint but the police did not want to receive, saying that the claim made earlier that's enough. " "Mr. Peñalosa was in his bed with his broken foot when police pulled him down and forcibly returned him to break his foot, while his wife both wanted to bring the crutches, but not given time. In the same house has a family of tenants and one of the three year olds, by fear and violence of the police, has been stuttering and nightmares. "
These are some of the testimonies that reflect this terrible violation of the rights of individuals, how they have trampled down 'dignity and morals. These are families who have been humiliated and treated without respect. The question everyone made after these events is this: Why the raids were not knocking on the door and showing the judge's orders along with witnesses and proceedings?
all agree to say that Mr. Justice Arostegui has moved out of the established laws and violated the rights of individuals. Therefore, at this time and there have been more than 20 criminal complaints against the Judge and the Chief of Police. We believe the two authorities should be investigated and suspended from office, also must make restitution for damage to all families.
The reason behind Mr. Judge to conduct these searches was a series of crimes such as theft of a high-end SUV. The measures taken do not match. However, in these previous crimes resulted in the death of a taxi driver for assault and poisoning, but in the fundamentals of the searches ordered by the court appointing even his death. Appear to be most important property.
Amid these circumstances, a group of neighbors autoconvocados was conducting a series of meetings with government officials in the province and city of La Quiaca, to take measures for the problems of insecurity. It seems that the government's message was this: They'll be safe!

P. Jesus Olmedo


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